LoanApp Harassment & Hacking

At The District Finance Center, we can help you in case you are facing Loan Harassment & Blackmailing Problems. Our quick response team will take action based on your situation and the level of harassment face by you.

Following actions is considered harassment:

📌 Hacking your phone data and blackmailing you. 

📌 Contacting your friends and relatives about your debt without your knowledge or acceptance.

📌 Calling you repeatedly and putting mental pressure to pay the loan EMI.

📌 Threatening you or your family or relatives.

📌 Trying to humiliate you by visiting your place of business or home without notice.

📌 Insulting you in public or by circulating WhatsApp messages that you are in debt and unable to pay.

What are the RBI guidelines for loan recovery agents?

📌 The RBI has issued some rules for debt collectors (third-party recovery agents) that protect consumers from abuse and mental harassment.

RBI rules include:

📌 The loan recovery agent(s) cannot visit your home without an appointment.

📌 The loan recovery agent(s) cannot call you at work or visit your office without notice.

📌 The loan recovery agent(s) cannot insult or intimidate you in any manner.

📌 The loan recovery agent(s) can't use abusive language while interacting with you.

📌 The loan recovery agent(s) need to carry the bank’s identification and authorization letter.

📌 The loan recovery agent(s) cannot contact you before 7 am and after 7 pm.

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